This is the car I 've been wanting to build ever since I saw my friend's Cobra daytona. I've been searching for a good 280Z frame with little rust to build this car. This got to be the rarest kit for the Z. My friend happen to have an extra kit which he've been trying to get rid. This is a perfect opportunity for me to get it. After all the complete kits he is selling for only $3500.

I am working slowly on this car. Again this car is stripped to the metals and work on small area that got infected with rusts. Here are a few pictures of the repair battery tray.

Battery tray removed

Another angle of the cut out rust hole

I didn't take any pictures the step by step how I fabricate the metal and trial fit but here are the almost finish product right after welding.

Top view

Another look from top Looks very clean here. All it needs is a litte body work

Outside view

Another closer look from the side These outside pix might scare you a little but with a little bit of grinding and heavy under coating you can't tell any work being done here hehe. Also notice I did all the welding on the back side or hidden side. That way the engine bay looks clean and smooth even before any body work done.

Inside view It doesn't look that bad here either. After I put the insulation on you can't see it either heheh. I notice the factory metal is so thin here but after the repair it is rock solid

The interior is all gone and I still have not decide what I want to do with it, that is whether I want to make it looks like a race car or not.

The gas tank and rear end is completely removed. I still need to search for a new gas tank. Just got an R200 mustache bar from a junkyard. Need new mustache bar bushing before I can install the 3.7 LSD in it. As of now I am searching for a new gas tank and waiting for the CV and disc brake adapters from Ross C. I also still got a couple small rust holes to take care. Nov 18th 2001 found a 70K miles 78 280Z in the junkyard. Stripped the whole rear end for $200 including the brand new gas tank. Will clean up the gas tank and paint it and put it back in ASAP. Also will be installing the LSD in soon with the R200 mustache bar. I still have not make up my mind to what type of motor I will go with yet.. Still open for debate. June 24, 2003.. Bought a 42K miles LS1 motor with wiring harness and ECU $3500. Still got to pick up the T56 for an LS1 --> $1500 more..
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