Interior was redone also. Before I started on the car I had stripped everything down including all the carpets and interior panels. Which ever one is bad I threw out and search for that piece everytime I went to the junk yard. I found a good dash out of an 82 or 83 and same color (lucky me). Headliner redone and it was a piece of cake. It costed me about $35 for materials and it looks brand new now. I managed to get a pair of leather seat from a 94 Supra. I had to disassemble the base and modified to fit the Z but it was no sweat. The only thing that I had to buy it new is the rear deck carpet

Steering wheel Dash view

The above pictures have black leather seats from a Honda Accord SE. I've just installed a set of Supra seat in now.. They match perfectly with my tan interior. I will try to take more pictures of the interiors and post on here.

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