Vendors and Tech links

  • Bosch Injectors Specs This site contains lots of techical informations.

  • JE Forge Piston

  • MSD Ignition

  • Jim Cook Racing hi performance parts for Z cars

  • Motor Sport Auto OEM and hi performance parts for Z cars.

  • Mr. Z in NM Looking for rust-free Zs or used Z parts? He got what you need

  • SDS Fuel Management System Another great site with lots of technical info relating to how to turbo charge your car.

  • Kaminari Nice selection of body kits for all cars. I especially like the full-fender kit for the Z and ZX

  • Turbo Specialists Need a turbo? check this site out

  • Custom Body parts Customizing fiberglass and metal body panels

  • Cyberspace Automotive performance Lots of hi perf Z parts at reasonable prices

  • Roadster Wheels

  • Kit Cars

  • ScottieGNZ site Want to learn how to get more speed for your Z? check this site out

  • Brian Little Garage Lots of hi perf upgrades for earlier Z from using ZX parts

  • Zcar message board

  • Zcar message board


  • IZCC Zcar info and data (Another Great Site)

  • White Rose Z club

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