What have I been doing 2004?

July 2004, We bought a 5000 plus square feet building/garage. The building has been neglect for atleast 5 years and it was in really bad shape. Everyone saw the building the first time would have turn around and run 200MPH. The roof had leaks every where and 2 big area collapsed. The building was filled with junks. The previous owner tried to clean some stuffs out but he only want to remove what he can make money off. After close to 3 months of hard work my wife and I manage to clean out most of the junks from the garage and almost finish repairing the roof. The garage still needs alot more works but mostly interior, heat, water, electrics.. etc.. which I can do during the winter as long as I have heat there. I wish I took some pictures of the problem area before and after. Anyway that's what I've been doing so I have no time to finish up my spyderZX except a few hours a week at night.

For the past summer, 2000 I've been busy working on my house. I finally finished it and we have moved in. I will take plenty of picture and put them up. I don't remember where I put the pictures of the house before I begin the project. Basically I started out with a big room wall to wall empty and have to build frames for each room, plumbing, electricity central heat and air .. etc..

Here are some pictures of the inside. The pictures don't tell alot here. Also I don't remember where I put the pictures of the house before I started.

These are the pictures of the livingroom: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, Notice that hard wood floor :o). It took me and my wife over 2 weeks to complete it. The total cost for the HW floor estimated around $1,500. It could easily cost 5 grand if we hired someone else to do it. BTW the livingroom is 24'X16'X9'.

These are pictures of the bathroom: pic5, pic6, pic7, Check out that Jacuzzi. The pictures don't show the floor of the bathroom. It's black marble. It's a little chilly in the winter with the Marble but it's very nice and clean.

These are the pictures of the kitchen: pic8, pic9, It's a little small but good enough for us :o)

These are the bedrooms: pic10, pic11, I took pictures only 2 bedrooms here

This is my hangout room down below in the garage. pic12, It has a full entertainment system and a small frig here. I can see all my babies (Zcar) while I hang out and talk about Zcar with my buddies. Notice there is enough room to put a Z under that floor. With this deck I still can put 5 cars in the garage.

Anyway now I am settle in and will continue my project cars where I left off. I decided to finish up the topless 280ZXT first. So now it is sitting on jack stands and ready to.

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