While I was working on the body I was checking out all the auto paint shops. The price they quoted me was between 2500 to whatever. I then met this guy who I saw working on his car everyday next to my house. After talking to him and watching him I decided to let this guy painting my car. He works for a dealership and all he does is paint car and he and another guy is about to open up a paint shop. His partner is real good at air brushing and I can tell by looking at his hood. The guys gave me an estimate for $1500 for a 3 stage paint job. I agreed to let them do it but the day I brought it to them they shook their head because I had too much body works on it and that would required a lot of prep times and that's more money. I took it back and did some more filling and sanding and then wet sand the whole car with 220 grit. I ask them to come and check it and finally they said OK. whew...

The result was awsome and I couldn't be more happy although there were a couple of places they had to repaint but everything looks good now and the guys were so cool too. They showed me how to detail my engine and they also put some splatter graphic around the engine compartment. Not only that they allow me to used their tools and the garage to put all my interiors back.

Over all the paint job cost about 2500 including the airbrush hood and all the door jamp and inside the hood and under the hatch. It looks like a show room car no orange peels. Oh I have some picture before painting too.

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