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Here is what I am trying to get this car to look like

The goal of this project is to get about 350+ HP out of a stock L28ET motor. I plan to use the SDS programmable EFI system, T3/T4 hybrid, NPR intercooler, 420cc injectors, bigger fuel pump, rising rate FPR, 3" exhaust, metal HKS head gasket, ARP studs. Stiffer suspension and all new bushing will be installed too.

Never mind about the 350HP stuffs.. I have a change in plan and will stick with stock turbo computer for this car but I will get the t3/t4 turbo for it. I think I will get an aftermarket I/C like some of the Honda guys are using. OH did I say it will be a topless car?

Recently I've bought an 82 280ZXT 2+2 with about 115K miles on the odommeter. I took the engine, auto trans and all the good parts and junk the car. The reason I didn't use this body for this project was because the body was in a real bad shape ie. RUSTS. However I already have a 79 280ZX with good body and frame that I plan to use for this project. These are things I've done so far up to this point:

1. Removing everything from the turbo block and send to the shop for cleaning and checking bottom end

2. The head is sent to a machine shop for a 3 angles valve job.

3. The 79 car is totally stripped down to the metal including all the glasses.

4. Swap the R200 open rear differential from the 82 280ZXT into the 79 280ZX.

5. Swap the cross member from the 82 into the 79. The reason for this is the 79 ZX has power steering linkage and I want to change that to manual rack and pinion so I have to put in the cross member that goes with the rack. Anyway I later found out that I need a different crossmember that goes with the manual rack. So beware OK.. I got my Xmember and installed and trial fit it with my manual rack with no problem

6. Cut the rusts out from behind the driver seat.

7. Weld new sheet metal inplace where the floor been removed from behind the driver seat.

8. Repair rusts in the engine compartment then clean up and paint all black. The picture doesn't show much but it is much cleaner looking now. Also you can see the rebuild brake master cylinder which I clean up and paint it black. Here are a few pictures of the engine bay before right side left tower

9. Swap the entire turbo wiring harness.

10. Install suspension and brakes (Eibach springs and Tokico struts). I got lucky on this one. Found a 280ZXT in a junk yard and planned to pull the motor and wiring harness. I noticed it has brand spanking new suspension and brakes. Search inside the car and found the receipt for it.. over 1000 was invested into this car recently.. wow.. me and a friend of mine ended up stripped the entire car for $300. This motor still has very good compression 140-145PSI and it is in my yellow car now and all it need was a head gasket.:o)

11. Replace ball joints and rebuild manual rack & pinion finally. Also new rack bushings were installed

12. Reinstall rustfree fenders and doors.

13. Shave door handles. Need a little bit of body work here

14. Ordered ZX spyder kit from John Washington

15. Drop the block for honing and rebuild bottom end. Still waiting to get it back

16. I already got a crack free black dash for this car and on my free time I installed the Autometer turbo boost gauge and A/F mixture meter into the old boost gauge and clock location. Here is a picture of the dash with new Autometer gauges.

17. Polished valve cover

18. Polished timing chain cover

19. Removed heater/AC blower and core. The holes were blocked off. This car will be driven in nice weather only. It will not have top so why need heat or AC? hehehe

20. The heater/AC control panel will be housing a digital EQ. This slot fit any standard aftermarket stereo perfectly.

21. Sand and painted oil pan