Oct 13, 2004. Car Painting Progress

After 3 weeks of hardwork and many mistakes I finally got the car painted. The hood is base coated only and will get Spiderman graphics put on. I painted the fenders, trunk lid and front bumper off the car. I put on 3 base and 3 clear coats. I had 1 small runs near the edge of 1 door and that's it. This is because I laid heavy clear coats on doors and rear 1/4 panels. The total for the whole job is about $3000 and I had to do alot of wet sanding and painting the car. I don't mind it at all just as long as the car comes out decent and plus I learned alot while working along my friend. Now I am ready to do a complete paint job on my next car.

These are pictures just came out of the paint boot:

left fender, left door, rear,

Pictures of me wet sanding the car. Start with 1000 then 1500.

Me wet sanding, Wet sanding 2

Picture of my friend Vic buffing the car. After sanding here comes the buffing.

Vic's buffing door, Vic's buffing trunk lid,

Pictures after buffing and individural parts painted

rear quarter, left side, right quarter, grill and mirrors, front bumper

Several shots with mirrors and front bumper on and tail lights

front left , lower front left , front , right rear , rear , tail lights , side vents ,

Note: The front MSA bumper doesn't have the gap between the hood and the bumper. This is my signature and copyrighted mod.. lol .. Winter project will be cleaning the interior and putting everything back.

Spring is here and I have more pictures taken and more work done to the car. Here are the latest pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of a topless 280Z belong to my friend Sang. Still in the work

pic13 pic14

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